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On 08/11/2012 the third GAST Travelling Conference was held in the premises of TUM Asia in Singapore. The conference was supported by the German Ministry of Education and Research. In 12 lectures, speakers from Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand reported on latest developments in the field of biomedical and medical technologies. As with the previous two GAST Travelling Conferences, the meeting provided an excellent forum for scientific exchange between colleagues from Germany and the ASEAN countries as well as for strengthening existing and establishing new scientific contacts. Particularly noteworthy is the merging of university and industrial research and development, which fertilizes the exchange between the two areas intensively.

After a brief welcome by Dr. Markus Waechter, managing director of TUM Asia / GIST and Prof. Dr. Heinrich Kern, spokesman for the GAST network, TU Ilmenau, the 1st  Secretary of the German Embassy in Singapore, Mr. Manuel Furtwängler, pointed out the importance of medical and biomedical engineering. In particular, he accentuated to the high level of research and the need for international cooperation to address the current and future challenges.

In scientific lectures, a broad range of medical and biomedical engineering was highlighted. This ranged from latest results in electro-encephalography with innovative sensor and analysis concepts to new high-resolution imaging techniques, as well as recent developments in novel examination methods for early cancer diagnosis to revolutionary innovations in neonatal care. Also, the field of robotics in surgery and medical assistance was examined extensively as well as research and teaching activities and general technologies to improve the health situation in the ASEAN countries

With the conference, GAST network has once again demonstrated its considerable competence in current research and development areas, and opened doors for new partnerships between universities and companies from Germany and ASEAN countries.

Conference Contributions

Dr. Daniel Baumgarten, TU Ilmenau, DE:
Magnetic nanoparticle imaging by magnetorelaxometry (1,2 MB)

Dr. Uwe Graichen, TU Ilmenau, DE:
Spatial Harmonic Analysis of EEG Data (6 MB)

Prof. Jens Haueisen, TU Ilmenau, DE:
Electroencephalography: new sensor techniques and analysis methods (4 MB)

D.-I. Gerlind Herberich, RWTH Aachen, DE:
DNA-Cytometry: Recent progress on a powerful tool for early cancer diagnosis and prognosis (0,7 MB)

Ms. Margret Huenerbein, Draeger Medical South East Asia, SG:
The silent revolution: Milestones in Neonatal Care (1,3 MB)

Mr. Tim Lagana, Siemens Healthcare South East Asia, SG:
Medical Imaging Technology (8 MB)

Dr. Berno Misgeld, RWTH Aachen, DE:
Smart medical assistance systems: Meeting future challenges (1,2 MB)

Prof. Louis Phee, Nanyang Technological University, SG:
Robotics in Gastroenterology (1,3 MB)

Prof. Peter Pscheid, LIPI / ICIAR, ID:
Educational and Research Activities in Medical Engineering in Indonesia (2,8 MB)

Dr. Mohd Saberi, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, MY:
Particle Swarm Optimization for Selecting Informative Genes in Classifying Cancer Classes (1 MB)

Prof. Eko Supriyanto, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, MY:
Potential Technologies to Solve Common Health Problems in South East Asia Countries (1,3 MB)

Dr. Thitinan Tantidham, Mahidol University, TH:
Medical Technology Related Research at The Faculty of ICT, Mahidol University (4 MB)


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